The Second Date Can Seem Harder Then The First

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Published: 07th January 2011
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The second date can sometimes just seem like such a hard thing to make it to. After all you've had a lot of dates and then never get a call back, but you're not sure why that keeps happening. Well it could be the way that you are presenting yourself to that date. So change the vibes that you give off and you may well find that you are able to get a second date and maybe even more after that one

Don't talk about commitment on the first date. That is a huge mistake and one that will run off many a suitor or two. Because well your only just met and you dont really know each other and they really dont want to have to plan a future together. Save the planning for another time and another date way down the road instead.

Avoid bad subjects. Talking about past dates and how bad they were will not help you get a second date with another person. In fact often times it will make them wonder what is so bad about you that these things just keep happening to you.

Be yourself and dont put on an act. Nothing is worse than dating a person who is acting fake just to impress another one. It can be nice for about two minutes and after that it will get old and wear on the person. They may try and break the date off early even if your too bad about acting fake.

Don't say the Love word. Okay so what if you feel that its love at first site or not. Fake the fact that you may have fallen in love with this person when you first set eyes on them. It can only be a disaster, and the only time that it will be okay to say that word to a guy on a first date is if he happens to say it to you first. But believe me there aren't many guys out there that will take that step on the first or fourth date

Also another good tip is to avoid topics that you both do not agree on, because it could lead to a heated debate, and well that could lead to failure. Though you may be able to pull this off after many years of being with a person, on a first date will not be the time to talk about those things that you dont see eye to eye on.

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